Knife Sharpening

We offer a professional knife-sharpening service to chefs, restaurants, hunters, housewives, and anyone in need of sharp knives and blades, in the Helderberg and surrounding areas! This includes Somerset West, Strand, Gordon’s Bay, Stellenbosch! From January 2022 we will also be operational in Swellendam and surrounding areas!

Our Sharpening System

Unlike many other knife sharpeners out there, we do not sharpen our knives using a workshop grinder! Standard workshop grinders heat up knife blades, making them brittle and putting them at risk of becoming damaged and in some cases even fragmenting during sharpening!

Knife sharpening
Knife sharpening

The machinery we use to sharpen clients’ knives has been voted as one of the top blade sharpening systems in the United States, and we are very please to let clients know that we have tried and tested our machinery on many different types of knife blades with a 100% success rate thus far!

We set each knife up individually and sharpen each blade separately, until a perfect bevel angle has been reached. In order to ensure that a perfect angle has been reached, we do not sharpen blades on site. We prefer to sharpen your knives in our sharpening workshop until each knife has been repaired / sharpened to meet our high standards of perfection.

Blades can either be dropped off / collected directly with us, or we also offer a collection / delivery option (depending on your area).

How often should knives be sharpened?

For restaurants and chefs, we recommend that chef knives, steak knives, etc be sharpened at least once every 6 to 8 weeks. For private clients or home use, knife sharpening once every 3 months should be sufficient, depending how often knives are used!

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